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Beyond Love service and 1 on 1 dating terms, event rules and disclaimer
(Updated on June 15, 2023)

  1. All content and materials on this website are owned by BEYOND LOVE (hereinafter referred to as "BL or our company") and are protected by copyright laws. Anyone without the permission of the company is not allowed to use any information on this website without authorization.

  2. The company provides services in accordance with the provisions of the terms of service (hereinafter referred to as "terms"). The company will revise the terms from time to time without prior notice. The revised terms will take effect immediately upon public release on this website and replace the old terms.

  3. Please read the following terms of service carefully before using the company's website. Continue to use the company's website, which means that you have accepted all the terms of use. Before participating in the company's activities and services, you must clearly understand and agree to the company's terms of service, activity rules and disclaimers.

  4. BEYOND LOVE cannot guarantee the authenticity of personal information provided by members (including name, age, occupation, background, education level, marital status, phone number, email address, etc.), and the information is provided based on "current status" and "existing", The integrity of members cannot be guaranteed. Before making any decision (including dating, becoming friends, dating, becoming a couple or getting married, etc.), BEYOND LOVE must make its own judgment. Right to Documentation. If it is found that any conditions do not meet the requirements of the event, the company will have the right to refuse the person to participate in the event and no refund will be given.

  5. BEYOND LOVE welcomes singles over the age of 18, without a partner, and those who have completed divorce procedures to participate. The company reserves the right to pursue legal action against participants who falsely report information.

  6. BEYOND LOVE only provides platforms and resources, is responsible for arranging social activities, and providing opportunities for members to get to know each other. Any direct or indirect losses related to any conflicts of interest, disputes, or member integrity issues have nothing to do with the Association, and the Company will not bear any legal responsibility.

  7. After registering as a member on the BEYOND LOVE website, you can register for the services and activities provided by the company after logging in. Participants select the activities they are interested in. After successful registration, payment must be completed within 24 hours after registration. After payment is confirmed, a seat will be reserved for you, and event details will be sent at least 24 hours before the event.

  8. If the participating activities are canceled due to unexpected factors (such as unbalanced ratio of men and women, failure to provide event venues, insufficient number of people, unsuitable event venues, damage to event venue facilities, venue reservation problems, etc.), the company reserves the right If the activity is postponed, you can also choose to use the money to participate in other activities again within three months.

  9. If there is an imbalance in the ratio of men and women, BEYOND LOVE will also reserve the right for anyone to participate in the event, and notify the cancellation of the event no less than two hours before the start of the event and make a full refund within two weeks. The company will not Make any form of compensation (including monetary compensation, refund or change to participate in other activities or provide other benefits) for any form of loss caused by the cancellation of the event.

  10. Participants in the event should consider any personal safety risks. The company will not make any form of compensation (including Monetary compensation, refund or change to participate in other activities or provide other discounts), and will not bear any legal responsibility.

  11. The number of people in BEYOND LOVE activities, the company can increase or decrease the number of people without prior notice to the participants, the participants must participate in the activities as scheduled, the company will not make any form of compensation (including monetary compensation, refund or switch to another event or offer).

  12. The meals or drinks provided at the event, because everyone's opinions on food and drinks are subjective perceptions, the company cannot absolutely guarantee that the quality of food and drinks can meet everyone's satisfaction, the company is willing to receive opinions and reflect to the venue and Make improvements, but the company will not make any form of compensation (including monetary compensation, refund or change to participate in other activities or provide other benefits).

  13. The proportion of men and women and the number of people displayed on the BEYOND LOVE website for each activity are for reference only. The company will try its best to arrange the proportion of men and women to be the same for event participants, but in case of unexpected factors (such as absence or lateness of participants, etc.), The company does not guarantee that the ratio of men to women will be absolutely equal. Participants must participate in the event as usual. During the speed dating round-robin chat period, if any participant is absent, leaves halfway or is late, it is outside the control of the company. The Association will not make any form of compensation (including monetary compensation, refund or change to participate in other activities or provide other benefits),

  14. Payments will not be refunded in whole or in part.

  15. If you are unable to participate in the paid activity due to any personal reasons (including physical discomfort, business, etc.), you must notify the association at least 4 days before the event (if you participate in a Saturday event, you must notify on or before the Tuesday), then you can Please note that if the payment has been changed to participate in other activities within one month, the notice of less than 4 days will not be accepted.

  16. The association has a blacklist: if any person behaves impolitely during the event, or disturbs others, or behaves unreasonably; engages in pyramid schemes or various promotional business behaviors; conducts behaviors that harass other members after the event , providing false personal information and other reasons, the member will be permanently blacklisted and will not be able to participate in the company's activities again. The company also reserves the right to put the person on the blacklist immediately during the activity period, and will not be able to enter the venue, or will be expelled from the venue immediately without refund. In addition to the above rules, the company also reserves the right to blacklist any member due to other factors.

  17. BEYOND LOVE will not be responsible for whether anyone of the opposite sex will choose to exchange contact methods and make friends during the event. BEYOND LOVE will list the matching form submitted by the participants in the event as a confidential document of the association. All matching choices will not be disclosed to third parties, and the matching results will be issued by the internal staff of the association. If you have any questions, please contact us Will be happy to assist with the matching results of the internal re-check, but will not be able to disclose the matching choices of other participants to you or anyone. If anyone still disagrees with the matching results or has any doubts, the company will not Make any form of compensation (including monetary compensation, refund or change to participate in other activities or provide other benefits). The company will only show the matching form submitted by the participant or disclose the matching choice when required by the police or legal procedures.

  18. To protect the personal safety of members, if the Hong Kong Observatory issued a black rainstorm warning or issued a typhoon signal No. 8 or above within two hours before the event, the event will be canceled and postponed. The company will notify participants individually of the cancellation of the event and arrange for the event to be held again within one month, but no refunds will be accepted

  19. During the event, participants are responsible for taking care of their personal belongings. The company will arrange for unattended and unsecured locations in the venue to temporarily store personal belongings. If any personal belongings are lost or damaged, the company will not be responsible for any legal responsibility or make any monetary compensation.

  20. Participants agree that all photos or portraits of the event will appear in any official documentary segments, advertisements, TV reports, and all multimedia platforms, and agree to publish in different forms without receiving any compensation. BEYOND LOVE has the absolute right to use any videos, images and records of this event.

  21. Participants are willing to authorize and agree that the conference and the media can use my personal data, portrait, name and voice for the purpose of organizing and promoting activities without reviewing the situation and without my separate consent, including my portrait and name. It may be used in web pages, video clips and promotional materials related to the conference.

  22. BEYOND LOVE shall not be liable in the following cases (but not limited to): any personal loss or injury; any direct or indirect loss (regardless of personal injury or property damage), in any case, after the participant submits the registration From that date onwards, no matter what happens to the loss or accident under any circumstances, the sponsor and sponsors and supporting organizations including the staff shall not be required to make compensation or take any legal responsibility for it.

  23. BEYOND LOVE reserves the right of any person to participate in the event and has the final decision on various disputes.

  24. .  The company respects your personal privacy, and will collect, save and use various personal data in a legal and fair principle and manner. These data are used for the company's business operations and other related purposes. The company will revise the privacy policy from time to time, please browse the privacy policy of the company's website regularly to ensure that you understand the latest content. If you need to access or change your personal information, or if you have any questions or comments about the company's privacy policy, please email us at

The agreements and regulations stipulated in this statement are agreed by both parties. If any agreement in this statement is found to be invalid or unenforceable by any court or administrative agency, the invalid or unenforceable agreement shall not affect other provisions of this statement, and the provisions of this statement remain legally binding.

1 on 1 dating terms

Types of service provided
BEYOND LOVE 1 on 1 provides dating services for single adults to meet and attract the opposite sex more effectively. We will tailor-made services for you according to your requirements and real needs. Services include:

(I) A dating consultant will have a one-on-one interview with you to consult on your personal characteristics and experiences

(II) Explain the appointment details
(III) Manually select the most suitable dating partner for you
(IV) Restaurant reservations for you and your date
(V) Ask for advice and follow up after an appointment
(VI) According to your request, provide follow-up advice after dating, and answer dating and love questions
BEYOND LOVE will tailor dating services according to your requirements or needs. The company will arrange appointments for you or provide tutor courses
1 on 1 "Terms of Service"

After becoming a 1 on 1 member, BEYOND LOVE will use the following terms of service to provide services to you.
Unless there are obvious special events, all disputes will be based on the following "Terms of Service"
Regulations: Minors and married persons cannot become members
To become a member, you must prove that you are at least 21 years old and "single", which means you are "unmarried", "divorced" or "widowed".
To become a member, you must be single (Single means you are "unmarried", "divorced" or "widowed". Divorced is defined as you have gone through all divorce procedures and are legally recognized)
After becoming a member, the services you receive must be enjoyed by you yourself, and you cannot authorize other people and units to accept all the services provided by the company on your behalf.
1 on 1 "Disclaimer"
BEYOND LOVE will not be responsible for the ethics issues that arise between members and dating partners when they enjoy the service. In addition, the company is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur during dating between members. Members must bear all risks when dating.

You must understand and agree that:
(I) BEYOND LOVE does not guarantee that the services provided will meet your requirements or meet your expectations. The company also does not guarantee that your date will be fruitful and make you a successful dating.
(II) Except for the services clearly stated in the "Terms", you will not obtain all other additional services, whether oral or written, through BEYOND LOVE.
(III) BEYOND LOVE does not guarantee that members must meet the minimum age requirements of the company, nor that members must be single.
(IV) When a member is dating, the other party may make verbal offenses or even commit obscene behaviors, which will affect you by such behaviors, and the company will not bear the relevant responsibilities.
(V) When dating, you may disclose your secret information intentionally or unintentionally, and others may use this information to harm you after obtaining it. BEYOND LOVE will try its best to protect your personal information from leakage, but if your information leaks due to accidents, or because law enforcement agencies request your information, or even you accidentally leak your own information, this The company will not bear the responsibility of the relevant parties. No matter who you are facing, you must be careful about the outflow of your personal information.

"Privacy Policy"
I) BEYOND LOVE will not disclose your information unless you ask us to do so in writing. Your information will only be used for service needs, such as verifying the background you provide. BEYOND LOVE will hire other agencies to verify your background. We will only provide partial information, and the irrelevant parts will be absolutely kept confidential; and these agencies will also guarantee that they will not disclose your information to the outside world.

II) BEYOND LOVE will only share your general information and your self-introduction to other members. Other members will not get your contact number, Email and your photo. We will not do this unless you personally request it. Your personal information will never be fully displayed to other members.

III) How you use the company's services and how you interact with other members, the company will strictly keep secrets, unless you make a written request for us to do so; or the judicial department has a legally binding document requiring us to provide information to for investigation purposes.

IV) BEYOND LOVE will never sell, trade or lease your personal data to companies not under the company, business partners unrelated to the company or other marketing companies at any time.

V) BEYOND LOVE may provide some personal data of members to government departments, universities or investors for business analysis, business development or research purposes.

"Profile Application"

We will only apply the basic information that you voluntarily give us. If you are unwilling to give, the company may not be able to provide you with normal services. You can give and update your given profile at any time.

We will collect, use and share your personal information with third parties (including sister companies, third-party service providers and third-party organizations) for the following reasons:

(I) in the course of providing services,
(II) Verifying your identity
(III) To respond to your requests, inquiries, applications and complaints
(IV) To manage our relationship with you
(V) Processing payment and credit transactions
(VI) Send you the product information of our company, other sister companies and third-party sellers. If you do not want to receive such marketing information, you can do so at any time.
(VII) Cooperate with laws, regulations, and guidelines, and provide information to law enforcement agencies for investigation
(VIII) Any other purpose for which you provide information
(IX) Whether in Hong Kong or overseas, we will forward the data to any unaffiliated third parties, including our third party service providers and agents, and relevant government and or regulatory authorities, for research purposes.
(X) Commercial use incidental to the development


Withdraw your consent decision
Before you allow us to collect, use and disclose your personal information, if you do not tell us to cancel in writing, it will remain valid. You may request to withdraw and tell us to stop using your personal data by notifying us in writing or by email
One thing you should pay attention to is that if you do not want us to quote your personal information in the above circumstances, we may no longer provide you with dating and other services, and the contract we signed may no longer be valid. In such event, we expressly reserve our legal rights.
The personal information you provide must be accurate, current and complete
To become a member, you must
(i) be responsible for your actions, the information you provide to us, and other members
(ii) You must not defame, abuse, obscene, profane, sexually assault, threaten, harass, racially and religiously violate the members or employees of the company, and violations with illegal documents are not allowed. In addition, the above-mentioned methods must never infringe on the company's property, privacy and public image. If you find that other members have violated the above regulations by improper means, please notify the company as soon as possible. Whether verbally or physically, offending or threatening the company's employees, the company reserves the right to pursue legal action.
(iii) The various services provided by the company to you are all reasonable, reasonable and legal.
(iv) When participating in the company's services, you cannot pretend to be other people.

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