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Don't look for perfection, just find someone who is more suitable for you

Image by Anthony Tran

Jennie, 35, was paired with Jason on Beyond Love after two relationships fell apart.

At first, they talked because of their mutual love of music.

Next, they began sharing life chores and experiences.

Jason's steady attitude helps Jennie out of the shadows, and Jennie's enthusiasm lights up Jason's life.

They find themselves increasingly speculative. Finally falling in love, they thank Beyond Love for making them meet each other!


Jennie & Jason (Accounting, Constructiondivision)

Yellow Flowers
Couple on Date

your dating story

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We understand that you need more than romance.

What you need is to change your life and find someone who lights up your life.

With extraordinary enthusiasm and patience, our matching experts will

Listen to your real needs and expectations,

Then match you with exactly that one person in your life who will make you feel whole.

Your dating story is ready to begin.

What awaits you is a new company and a new beginning.

Start this memorable dating journey with us.

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